Youth Camps




Summer and winter camps in Toronto or Vancouver (Platinum Packages), are a unique experience to learn English and explore the city together with students from all over the world.

Programs of 2, 3 or 4 weeks duration with everything included: 20 English lessons per week (45 minutes each), accommodation, a full program of activities and daily excursions.

Modeled on our adult curriculum, our Platinum English package offers Communicative English, Academic English, TOEFL / IELTS preparation, and Cambridge exam preparation.

The cost of the platinum summer or winter program includes:


  • Homestay registration and placement

  • 20 English lessons per week

  • Activities (see sample social activities)

  • 1 set of textbooks

  • Health insurance

  • Homestay with 3 meals / day

  • Airport transfer - homestay - airport

  • Meals are included in each activity

  • Bus transportation is included in some activities